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WTA enforces quality during rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings. WTA GUIDELINES are well known throughout the world. These specify optimal material and technology. The WTA guidelines are recognised norms throughout the world and cover all fields.

Select guidelines in the framework of the WTA CZ guidelines have been translated into Czech for the use of experts in given fields and are offered for sale. The original language mutation (German) can be ordered at the website (

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Thematic specialised WTA textbooks

WTA has issued a series of thematic textbooks covering specialised problems that are related to rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings and maintenance of monuments.

A complete overview of the thematic textbooks and other publication can be found here:

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24th - 25th November, 2016 - 38th conference of „Rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings 2016“and the 18th International conference WTA 2016 "CRRB - 16th International Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Building"


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