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WTA Certification of plaster rehabilitation

Ever since the WTA quality brand was established, more than 50 plaster manufacturers have had their goods certificated- These manufacturers were awarded the WTA quality brand. In practice these manufacturers can now present their rehabilitation and reconstruction plasters as WTA rehabilitation and reconstruction plasters. The prerequisite is that they meet the provisions WTA guideline 2-9-04. At the same time, the manufacturers must present a record of tests carried on the given product by a laboratory with accreditation, certification of quality control and documents about regular supervision from the part of a certification organ.

Certification surcharge

Type of certification
/ extension

Price according to  WTA guidelines
2-9-04 Inc. VAT

First certification plaster        
/ system

3.070,- EUR

First certification system
+ additives

3.150,- EUR


510,- EUR

First certification and

3.580,- EUR

transfer/ transcribe
to other company

1.020,- EUR

Extending one transfer

120,- EUR

Extension system
+ additives

510,- EUR + each additive 150,- EUR

Recommendation: Certification for all tested products according to the ETA guidelines 2-90-04 is valid for 2 years. The price for certification may be altered according to this. During the two-year period there will not be any significant price fluctuations but rather an overall simplification as a result of extending validity.

Technical course

Certification is carried out by a certification commission. The address of the certification commission is: WTA-Zertifizierungs kommission, c/o Ingenieurbüro für Bauwerkserhaltung Weimar GmbH Industriestrasse 1 a, 99427 Weimar. The speaker for the certification commission is Dr Lothar Goretzki. Certificates are approved by the WTA board of directors. Certification surcharges are paid by the applicant to the WTA organisation. Testing institution s may examine private and state testing institutions that are capable of carrying out the required tests on both fresh and stale mortar.

Thematic workbooks PDF Print E-mail

Thematic specialised WTA textbooks

WTA has issued a series of thematic textbooks covering specialised problems that are related to rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings and maintenance of monuments.

A complete overview of the thematic textbooks and other publication can be found here:

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19th - 20th November, 2020 - 42th conference of „Rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings 2020“and the 22th International conference WTA 2020 "CRRB - 22th International Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Building"


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