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To improve the transfer of the latest findings in science and research to practice, WTA CZ began in 2009 a new Authorisation activity in the framework of Authorisation of entities in the field of rehabilitation of concrete buildings and, subsequently in 2011 for the field of rehabilitation of walled constructions against dampness. The aim is in convey the new findings to participants in the form of seminaries, and other events and then check their knowledge with the successful candidates being given authorisation that proves their expertise in the given field.

The actual process of verification is strictly governed by rules for authorisation that state:

- Awarding authorisation,

- The requirement of an application for awarding authorisation,

- Requirement on specialist practice,

- The assembly and work of examining commissions (further referred to only as "the commission"),

- The manner and course of expert examinations (further referred to only as “examinations”),

- Documents about authorisation.

Relevant documents (text of the authorisation regulations, application for awarding authorisation) are available at in the Czech language.

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Thematic specialised WTA textbooks

WTA has issued a series of thematic textbooks covering specialised problems that are related to rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings and maintenance of monuments.

A complete overview of the thematic textbooks and other publication can be found here:

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19th - 20th November, 2020 - 42th conference of „Rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings 2020“and the 22th International conference WTA 2020 "CRRB - 22th International Conference on Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Building"


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